Double D’s Cheesecake offers a simple fundraising program: your group sells the cakes to their family and friends at the same price they would pay for them at the shop. We charge your group a wholesale price, and your group earns the difference. While some fundraising programs only net 2-5% to the fundraisers, you and your group can earn between $7 and $8 per cake sold. The cakes are 9” round, frozen and pre-cut into 14 slices — check our menu of over 40 flavours, with variety packs for those who can’t decide.

The fall is a great time to do the program as people need the product for their entertaining needs at Christmas time. Since the cakes are frozen and pre-cut, they just keep them in their freezer until they need them. Please note the seasonal cakes that are available, Candy Cane and Eggnog. Your customers may also go on our web site to check out our full line up of products.

Another good time of year is the spring before Easter, Mothers Day and Fathers Day. In May we have the Cherry Jubilee available, and in June, the Butter Pecan for Fathers Day. We can make either of these for spring orders.

We will provide you with three forms:

  1. A copy of our retail menu. You can make copies of this and give them to your sellers to show their customers.
  2. A wholesale price list. This is what your group will be paying. (Do not make copies of this, it is for your information only.)
  3. Sellers’ order form. You want to make copies and give one to each seller. It is a two-part form. The right side is where the seller will track their sales. They will keep this side for their records. When they are done, they will combine all their orders on the left side, and hand in this side with the order payments.

Please note that all cheques should be made payable to your group. You will write one cheque to Double D’s Cheesecake for the full retail amount, and we will issue a cheque for the funds earned on delivery day.

If you have any questions or would like to register your group, please get in touch! We are limited to the number of fundraisers we can do at Christmas time, so please contact us as soon as possible to get your group booked.

Variety Pack — A Party in a Box!