Variety Pack


Holiday Pack
Christmas Holiday Pack: Two of each of our festive flavours: Candy Cane, Egg Nog, Gingerbread, Turtle, Creamy Pumpkin, Apple Caramel & Mandarin Orange. $36.00
Variety Pack
Variety Pack – Our most popular seller! 14 different flavours of cheesecake, in one incredible cake! Great fun at parties and pot lucks. A big hit for any occasion. Darlene calls it “Party in a Box”! ($36.00)
Easter Holiday Pack
Easter Holiday Pack: A combination of: Hawaiian Delight, Apple Caramel, Banana Cream, Lemon Burst and Turtle cheesecakes. $36.00
Pumpkin Apple Holiday Pack
Thanksgiving Holiday Pack:  Half Pumpkin and half Apple Caramel, for those who can’t decide. $36.00
Fruit Medley Cheesecake Variety Pack
Fruit Medley Variety Pack – 7 flavors of fruit cheesecake, 2 pieces of each. ($36.00)
Low Sugar Cheesecake Variety Pack
Low Sugar Variety Pack – 4 or 5 of our delicious Low Sugar flavours in one cake. This cheesecake is in stock. ($37.00)


Chocolate Lovers Cheesecake Variety Pack
Chocolate Lovers Variety Pack – 7 flavors of chocolate cheesecake, 2 pieces of each. ($36.00)